Over 20 years, Sephis Program has been prioritizing initiatives that promote connection and mobility, facilitating the transit of intellectuals and institutions and transitivities of ideas, researches and theories, strengthening an international network that focuses on the Global South.

Its main mandate is to contribute to research on the History of Development, regarded through non-orthodox and comparative approaches. Under the theme of historicizing Modernity and Development, Sephis focuses its activities in two subthemes that cross local, national and international dimensions: identity and equity.

Our achievements are reflected in initiatives of intellectual capacity building and the consolidation of research agendas and policy actions. So we invest in training intellectuals and activists as much as in the consolidation of organizations and agendas. This is done through the promotion of publications, seminars, granting scholarships and funding, also promoting mobility of people and ideas from peripheral contexts disconnected by international academia.

This section displays some records of the memory of our programs and outputs developed through financing individuals and institutions. It also displays the material products of this achievments (books, videos, articles and theses) and promotes connections and mobility, via events and lecture tours.

Several of our accomplishments combine promotion of mobility and connections, intellectual capacity building initiatives and constructing networks and agendas, visible in grant funding for research, events and publications.