Exploring the Global South: Voices, Ideas Histories

This publication represents 10 years of work of the Calcutta Editorial Team, headed by Samita Sen, to organize an e-Magazine for Sephis Programe. It contains more than 30 articles originally published at Sephis E-Magazine including interviews, analytic papers, book reviews and discussions concerning the work done as part of developing and implementing, in 2004, one of the first academic electronic magazines in the world.

The book stands for recognition of the past ten years of enduring pioneering work of Sephis and also is an invitation to move this legacy into a further step. As Samita Sen puts it “in 2004, there was but a few electronic academic journals and Sephis E-Zine was a great novelty. Everyone wanted to write or speak to us. In 2014, the environment for publications is much more competitive and we should have another formulae.” This is our challenge for the next 10 years.

Organization: Kashshaf Ghani and Samita Sen

Publisher: Sephis