Individual Grants

Doctoral and Postdoctoral Scholarships

One of the priorities of Sephis program is the development of intellectual capacities, the consolidation of academic leaderships in peripheral countries and the consolidation of institutional agendas that helps to reverse imbalances in the international academia.

The beneficiaries came from both countries with solid scholarly structure – Upper Middle Income Economies, such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Turkey, China and South Africa – as from countries with limited organization based scientific production – Lower and Medium Income Countries and Lower Income Countries, such as Kenya, Senegal, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mali, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh among others. Sephis also financed the completion of doctoral and post-doctoral intellectual countries with restricted exchange and international circulation – such as Cuba, Iran, Suriname, Guatemala, or Azerbaijan.

Since 1995, Sephis funded more than 70 full and partial doctoral and 45 post-doctoral grants of intellectuals from the Global South, based in the Global South. This initiative helped the fixation of important scholars (who could otherwise be drained to Universities of the North), maintaining graduate programs and research networks, ensuring the development of future generations of peripheral countries.

Sponsoring Capacity Building

Individual Grants