SEPHIS presence at the 2021 IUAES Yucatán Congress

Our members take part in different activities at event as conveners, discussants, presenters and book editors

Roundtable 20 “Southern Attitudes in Anthropology: critical debates and engagements”

Session 1 –  Tuesday, Nov 9th – 2.30pm (UTC)
Conveners: Claudio Pinheiro & Rhoda Reddock
Discussants: Nestor Castro, Peggy Levitt, Nihan Albayrak-Aymdemir, Rhoda Reddock
Session2 – Saturday, Nov 13th –  2.30pm (UTC)
Conveners: Yasmeen Arif & Willem Van Schendel
Discussants: Raminder Kaur, Annu Jalais, Teuku Ferdiansyah Thajib, Gordon Mathew
Panel 52 “Ethnography of Colonial Heritage in Contemporary Institutions”
Conveners: Vinicius Kauê Ferreira, Faten Khazaei (and Elisa Floristán Millán presenting a paper)
Session 1 – Saturday, November 13, 2.30pm (UTC)

Session 2 – Saturday, November 13, 4.30pm (UTC)

Link for both sessions: Link: